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House Of The Dragon Episode 6 Just Broke A Notable Game Of Thrones Record

This week, "House of the Dragon" turned the clocks forward in its latest chapter of Westeros history and, by doing so, gave some of its key characters a little growing up to do. It marks a significant shift not only in the new prequel show but a first for the TV franchise, with familiar and growing favorites now being inhabited by all-new additions to the series. Thank the old gods and the new, then, that the casting choices are pitch perfect to follow on from their predecessors, and so far, they're doing a tremendous job.

Our first look at a new star in an old role arrived in the form of Emma D'Arcy as Rhaenyra Targaryen, giving birth to her new son, Joffrey. Their take on the character is flawless and fortifies the illusion that this really is a decade since we last saw Viserys' daughter, now all grown up and with a family of her own. Still strong-willed and independent in her attitude towards the family ties, it was in the lengthy and painstaking walk to Queen Alicent (previously Emily Carey, now played by Olivia Cooke) that "House of the Dragon" set up another groundbreaking moment that stood out brilliantly. All it took was five minutes and a squirm-inducing stroll for Rhaenyra to bring it to fruition.

Rhaenyra's labor and long walk are a first for the franchise

From Rhaenyra Targaryen giving birth to her son Joffrey to her walk to present the newborn baby to the Queen, we're gifted with an impressive five-minute clip allowing us to linger on the excruciating journey for the new mother. The scene is split into two parts, with Laenor Velaryon (John MacMillan) helping separate them mere seconds after Joffrey's arrival.

Admittedly, evident camera trickery is included to cut the scene by way of darkness and passing through dimly lit halls, but the objective is achieved nonetheless. It marks one of the most prolonged sequences in the franchise's history, with previous contenders being that epic 50-second take in "The Battle of the Bastards," as well as a 17-second spine-tingler in "Hardhome" making up some of the show's amazing moments.

While it might not be as action-packed as the previous clock-watching takes in "Game of Thrones," this sequence in "House of the Dragon" makes an impact. It's now a decade on, and Rhaenyra is still defiant against her friend-turned-step-mother, going to painful lengths to meet her on their own battlefield. Tensions continue to brew as the episode continues, and we can only wait to see how things fire up again in the next installment. Even if the cameras cut away next week, it's unlikely that we will.