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Where Is Paul MacNeill From My 600-Lb Life Now?

"My 600-lb Life" is a series that introduces viewers to people embarking on intense weight loss journeys, including Paul MacNeill, a man from Florida who weighed in at over 750 pounds. When we first meet MacNeill in Season 10 of the series, he's in a dark place. The only thing that motivates him is food, which he uses as a coping mechanism to deal with the trauma he's endured throughout his life. Despite his worsening health, his mother, Teresa, continues to cook MacNeill whatever he wants. Eating to excess has caused him to develop lymphedema, a condition that causes painful swelling in his legs. MacNeill can only stand for minutes at a time and gets winded performing the simplest tasks.

After taking stock of his current state, MacNeill realizes that his lifestyle threatens his chance at a future with his girlfriend, Jen. Despite this realization, his story is not without its challenges. He initially struggles to meet the diet and exercise goals laid out by bariatric surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, known to his patients as Dr. Now, but ultimately, MacNeill takes full responsibility for his weight loss. By the end of the episode, he's committed to improving his health, allowing him to lose 116 pounds. When viewers last saw MacNeill, he was approved for weight loss surgery with the support of his loved ones. However, he still had a long way to go. Let's take a look at how Paul MacNeill fared after the show.

Paul MacNeill died in 2023

Sadly for Paul MacNeill and his loved ones, the "My 600-lb Life" star experienced tragedy following his tenure on the reality series. The reality show star died in a car accident while traveling to work on September 21, 2023. He was 37 years old at the time of his passing.

According to a GoFundMe page set up by his partner's sister, Stacy, MacNeill was a good man who was always willing to help others. He was loved for his humor, often making people laugh until tears came out of their eyes. The post also confirms that he continued his weight loss journey after his time on "My 600-lb Life," noting that his commitment to the cause made him an inspiration to many people.

MacNeill also remained active on social media following his time on the series. The "My 600-lb Life" alum was known for providing updates about his life on social media, including details about his relationship status and continued weight loss achievements.

Paul MacNeill had his ups and downs

Although the series proves sobering at times, "My 600-lb Life" has uplifting moments. Following his appearance on the series, Paul MacNeill took great strides to improve his quality of life. As reported by Distractify, MacNeill has lost over 200 pounds since his first meeting with Dr. Now. Besides his impressive weight loss, MacNeill had other reasons to celebrate, as he revealed on Instagram that he became engaged to his girlfriend, Jen. He even referred to her as his wife in another Instagram video posted to his account in July 2022, but the aforementioned GoFundMe post revealed that he was set to marry her in late 2023. The clip also showed that MacNeill was still close with his friend JJ, who graciously drove him to his first appointment with Dr. Now.

While MacNeill appeared to be working hard to build the life he dreamed for himself, he also faced his fair share of hardship since his episode aired. In November 2021, MacNeill took to social media to lament the loss of his father, Thomas, explaining that he wears a commemorative necklace in his honor (via Instagram). Viewers only got a brief glimpse of Thomas on the show, where he was seen supporting his son by shopping for healthy food options at the grocery store. In light of this tragedy, MacNeill's ability to stick to healthy habits was a testament to his dedication and mental fortitude.